We need not think alike to love alike (Ferenc Dávid )
Are you an theist or the opposite an atheist? or perhaps somewhere in between: an agnostic or you have another belief but have not found your spiritual home yet... Are you standing on the side of love and social justice? Then this might be where you feel at home to celebrate our existence on this blue planet called Earth

NOTE: After 21 years of weekly services and monthly activities, our church is gone into a dormant phase for the time being. However if you would like to be on our mailing list to be kept up to date for any of our activities (about four a year), then please email

We might work together with the other three Unitarian groups in the region to start again. We will keep you posted of any developments in the future. There is hope. Do browse our website for information about Unitarianism and our past Sunday Services.

This is where I belong... I am coming Home, tell the world that I am coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.

Created by the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, N.Y.

We, UUs, people of diverse beliefs, atheists & agnostics gather as one people and as one Community
We share the Journey on the way to a goal that might be different to each of us, whilst adhering to seven principles of compassion, respect and responsibility.   We agree to disagree, believe in the individual freedom of beliefs & philosophies and celebrate our existence

Elora Fergus Unitarians

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Email us if you would like to join the egroup: info@efuuc.org