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Services Archive - 2007/2008


Our traditional potluck picnic, marking the end of the Church year and the beginning of the summer recess. This time hosted by Kelsye Coulter and Paul Hennekens.

June 8/08 - PAY ATTENTION!
A sermon by Rev. Mike Young presented by David Steuernol.
Your freedom and your power is right in your own hand.
MUSIC: At this final service we will also be featuring musicians of our congregation and beyond!
Sunday School - Game Day! Come prepared for outdoor fun (indoor in case of rain).

Service Leader: Dwight Pile
Sunday School - Principle 7
Respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

May 25/08 - GRACE - Linda Reith
There but by the grace of God go I. What grace? What God? Together we will explore ways to invite grace into our lives and ways to encourage grace to linger.
Service Leader: Kim Muller
Sunday School - Principle 4
Free and responsible search for truth and meaning

A sermon by Rev. Mike Young presented by David Steuernol.
Suffering is a set of habits of mind that we have unconsciously and passively learned for how we will respond to those inevitable pains that life throws our way.
Sunday School - Principle 3 - Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth.

May 11/08 - MOTHERíS DAY
June Gilbertson - Celebrating the Mother in all of us.
Sunday School - Mother.s Day - Reflecting on our wonderful moms and making a gift just for her.

May 4/08 - SHORT SERVICE and AGM
Service leader: Dwight Pile
Please join us for the AGM. As we need a quorum to make decisions we would like to see you all there!
Sunday School - Celebrating May Day (Pagan Spring Celebration)

A sermon by Rev. Mike Young presented by David Steuernol. "Let us learn to be gentle with one another, and our so human mistakes."
Sunday School
Earth day! - We will be cleaning up garbage in sports field and playground. Please dress in 'dirty' clothes and for weather conditions.

June Gilbertson and London Green Readings and poetry to celebrate Earth Day.
Sunday School
Celebrating Passover

London Green gives the second in a series of talks on founders of modern Unitarianism. Emerson was Channing's great disciple and in later 19th-century North America the best-known intellectual essayist, inspirational lecturer, poet and Unitarian minister: one of the great figures, along with Thoreau and Louisa May Alcott, in the New England Renaissance. To this day Emerson.s influence remains central in Unitarian thought.
Service Leader: Dwight Pile
Sunday School
Principle 7 The interdependent web.

London Green speaks on William Ellery Channing, in his time (the early 19th century) the most inspirational liberal religious leader in North America, and the central figure in the formal foundation of the Unitarian movement there in 1819. Channing was also the chief philosophical influence on young Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose ideas of the world, God, and the soul remain central in Unitarian thought to this day. To read them both is to rediscover the roots of one.s Unitarian convictions.
Service Leader: Dwight Pile
Sunday School - Social Action project kickoff! - Must have all the kids if possible. More to come on this project.

March 30/08 - SACRED SPACES - Jennifer Hewitt
The spaces in which we spend our time often have more impact on us than we're aware of. We will explore the relationships with our surroundings, specifically as they relate to the sacred, and how to create a sacred space of our own.
Sunday School
Another look at Principle 4

March 23/08 - EASTER
Don your Easter Bonnet and come to church for Easter. Traditional hymns and a fond look at Easter from a Unitarian perspective.
Service Leader: Dwight Pile
Sunday School
Celebrating Easter

March 16/08 - THE MEANINGS OF PRAYER - Kim Muller
Sometimes whispered, sometimes maligned. For some it is a daily habit, for others an act of desperation and yet others an absurdity. A reflection on the meanings of prayer.
Sunday School - Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

March 9/08 - GRATITUDE
London Green and June Gilbertson From earliest childhood most of us have been taught to express our thanks for what we have. But there are also almost forgotten elements of our nature elements that make us gloriously human and give us hope. Learn what great writers from the Greeks to our own day have said about these incomparable powers and gifts that we all have!
Sunday School - Principle 4 - Free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

March 2/08 - WHAT IS SPIRITUAL HEALING? Rev. Dr. Ann Osborne
How do we know when our spirit needs healing, and what can we do about it? Our speaker holds a PhD in Energy Medicine and a Doctorate of Theology.
Service leader: Jennifer Hewitt
Sunday School
Principle 6 - Working for a peaceful, fair, and free world.

Feb 24/08 - Guilt, Guilting and Guile
A sermon by Rev. Mike Young presented by David Steuernol.

Feb 17/08 - If It Weren't For Them, You Wouldn't Be Here
A gentle reflection on the blurring of lines as children and parents get old(er).  With insights from Garrison Keillor, Michael Gartner, Woody Allen, and others.
Sunday School: Miranda and the children will be exploring Kindness

Feb 10/08 - Music in the Round
A number of members of our congregation have been long time performers at the round table jam sessions at the Old Copper Kettle every Tuesday. This Sunday the Kettle comes to church bringing songs both reverent and otherwise. Service leader Don Beals
Sunday School: Miranda and the children will be exploring Love and Valentines Day

Feb 3/08 - Resolutions, Resolve and Release -- the three 'Rs' of change
As we find ourselves one month into the new year, some resolutions have stuck and some have slid. Today's service will explore our eternal yearning for change. (Service Leader: Dwight Pile)

Jan 27/08 - Letting Go and Trying Harder
A sermon by Rev. Mike Young presented by David Steuernol. How do you get that "something more" that mystics and shamans, prophets and preachers talk about?

Jan 20/08 - The book that changed my life
Some books change the direction of our lives while others gently remind us how to live. Don Beals will talk about Cannery Row by John Steinbeck.

Jan 13/08 - Welcoming the New Year
A New Year is often a time for reflection and resolve. Today's service will offer an opportunity for the members of the congregation to share their hopes and aspirations for 2008. This service will also welcome and recognize officially our very first Chaplain, Ellen.  At this service we also welcomed our new RE Director, Miranda Holmes. Please bring something from your kitchen to add to our annual New Year's Soup that will simmer during the service and satisfy sublimely during the social segment.  Service leader: Dwight Pile

Jan 6/08 - No Service

Dec 30/07 - No Service

Dec 23/07 - A Funny Christmas Tale
Author Bruce Iserman who has just released a book of Christmas stories will return to tell another funny Christmas tale. There will be heaping servings of low calorie Christmas carols and hilarity to start the holiday season.
Service leader: Don Beals - Fourth Advent Candle

Dec 16/07 - On Prayer - Rev. Lucy Reid
For many of us, prayer is either a lost art or not relevant to our way of being. In her address, Rev. Lucy Reid will explore the different faces of prayer and what it means to her. Rev. Reid is a frequent guest of our church. She is an Anglican priest currently serving on the Ecumenical Campus Ministry team at the University of Guelph.
Service leader: Kim Muller
Third Advent Candle

Dec 9/07 - The Book That Changed My Life
For many of us, there is often one book we look upon as the catalyst that caused a major shift in our way of looking at our world. Throughout the year different speakers will be looking at the book that changed their life. Dwight will kick off this journey with his.
Service Leader: Dwight Pile - Second Advent Candle

Dec 2/07 - Sacred Spaces: Jennifer Hewitt
The places and spaces in which we spend our time often have more impact on us than we're aware of. The spaces we spend time in - whether by choice, habit, or necessity - can set the mood for our day or our lifetime. Using sources of study about surroundings and their significance, we'll explore our relationships with the spaces in our lives, specifically as they relate to the sacred, and we'll take some time to think about how to create a personalized sacred space of our own.
First advent candle

Nov 25, 2007 - Pathway to Tranquility and Peace
Nishin Nathwani a local 15 year old completed a ten day meditation and silence vigil this summer in India. He will relate his experiences and talk about meditation as a pathway to tranquility and peace.
Service leader: Don Beals

Nov 18/07 - David Steuernol: Nothing Special
An address written by Rev. Mike Young and presented by David Steuernol
Many Unitarians find no conflict at all between the teachings of the Buddha and their own religious orientation.
Please note: This service will be held at the Elora Fergus Centre for the Arts in Elora. Next week we will once again be at the Victoria Seniors Centre.

Nov 11/07 - June and London Green: Remembrance day ..poetry of war and peace  The service will include the intimate thoughts that some great poets and writers, past and present have shared with us about war, its creators, its soldiers, its victors and its victims--ideas of central importance for our own time.
Presented by June Gilbertson and London Green. London Green has been an actor, director and a teacher of Fine Arts at Bishops University Quebec, prior to coming to Guelph over 12 years ago. He has been an active member of the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph. June Gilbertson is a Chaplain in the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph and a much loved regular guest at our church.

Nov. 4/07 - Dwight Pile: On the Road to Damascus
Epiphanies come in many shapes and sizes. This morning we will look at our own and the epiphanies of others, and try to understand what we are called to do with them.

Oct 28/07 - David Steuernol: The Better Soul
an address by Rev. Mark W. Christian presented by David Steuernol. Transforming people who transform the world into a place more characterized by love, compassion and justice. Sounds simple enough, right?

Oct 21/07 - Julie Corey: Witnessing Discovery
The moment of learning - whether mastering a new skill or grasping a new concept - can be both challenging and exhilarating. In our roles as teacher, coach, parent or partner we sometimes have the privilege of seeing discovery as it happens. Today we will explore why this sharing this moment is so valuable.

Oct 14/07 - Rev. Lucy Reid: The Gift of Disillusionment
How falling apart in El Salvador helped me see things as they are. Rev. Reid is a very popular guest at our church. She is an Anglican priest serving on the Ecumenical Campus Ministry team at the University of Guelph. This will be the second chapter of her experience in El Salvador.

Oct 7/07 - Kim Muller: The Rhythm and Rituals of Giving Thanks
This Thanksgiving weekend service will explore some of the meanings of thankfulness and the rituals we often ascribe to them.

Sept 30/07 - Jennifer Hewitt - Sparks fly upward: how our passions fuel our spirits. Our hobbies and pursuits are more than just pass-times; those "sparks" of interest both reveal and renew the spirit within. Through an examination of our beliefs about hobbies, passions and just plain fun, we will look at the ways in which our interests connect us to our spiritual selves, and explore ways to enhance that connection for our spiritual enrichment.

Sept 23/07 - June Gilberston: Life: Death and our Relationship with Change
June Gilberston is a frequent and much loved guest of our church.

Sept 16/07 - Don Beals and Kim Muller: Conversations Over Coffee
Unitarians are famous for their good strong post-service coffee and
conversation. Two members of the congregation will share some of the
conversations they have had over the years. Can a theist and an atheist have a fruitful conversation about faith (or the lack thereof)? Can the sharing of divergent viewpoints be humourous and fruitful?

Sept 9/07 - David Steuernol: The Plant Needs Watering
Based on an address by Phillip Hewett, one of Canada's most important Unitarian writers, David will present a service that asks, "What exactly is reverence, and how can we lay ourselves open to experiences of it?"

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