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Sunday June 17 - incl Sunday Sept 2 - NO SERVICE!!

Sunday September 9 - Water Ceremony and Pancake Breakfast

Gather water from your summer's location.
Sunday June 10, 2012 
Our Annual Flower Communion and Potluck Picnic will be held at Kelsye's and Paul's back yard RAIN OR SHINE! Weatherwise no guarantees, only that we will have a great time!

The celebration will mark the end of our season in a very meaningful and colourful way. Gathering at 10:00 a.m. start of ceremony 10:30
Sunday June 3, 2012 - Preventing bullying of young LGBTQ people.  Toronto First Unitarian's Doug Buck will speak about the bullying of young LGBTQ people, and its relationship to bullying of other people who appear to be different in some way. The impetus for the sermon came from the suicide last fall of Ottawa teenager Jamie Hubley. Doug will question whether Unitarian Universalists could and would like to do more to be "out on the street."
Address: Doug Buck and Service: Mairy Beam

Sunday May 27, 2012 - Habitat for Humanity
Diane Nelson will speak to us about the activities of Habitat for Humanity Centre Wellington, giving an overview of the background, philosophy and current activities of Habitat for Humanity Centre Wellington Buildand how we possibly could be of help & perhaps participate
Address: Diane Nelson and Service: Ellen Papenburg

We had no Sunday Service Victoria Day Sunday, May 20 - most members were away..

Sunday May 13, 2012 - Who Is Our Next of Kin?
Peter Hughes will start his talk with an exploration of one of the central relationships in the Charles Dickens novel Nicholas Nickleby and goes on to explore the nature and range of our responsibility for others, those to whom we are biologically closely related and those to whom we are not.
Address: Peter Hughes

Sunday May 6, 2012 - Saving Nature: Saving Ourselves
A Gardener's Journey

Two gardeners each relate paths taken in creating
native gardens at their homes
Service and Address: Josh and Carolyn Crozier

Sunday April 29, 2012 - Namaste, Where Are You Going?
Kate Green, who manages USC's Nepal program and campaigns in Canada and internationally on food sovereignty. Just back from walking (and walking and walking…) in USC's highest-elevation program – in Humla, Nepal – Kate will offer stories and challenges from her recent trip. The phrase "Namaste – where are you going" occurred hundreds of times a day as she and her Nepali colleagues encountered others along the steep and winding trails of Humla. And it got her thinking about where these communities are going as food systems, weather, and society changes.
Address: Kate Green - Service: Chris Nye
(and Mairy Beam)

Sunday April 22, 2012 - Lost Christianities: What Might Have Been
Discoveries of ancient texts in the Middle East in the last one hundred years have opened up new insights into alternative books, gospels, stories, and apocalypses that were circulating at the same time as the writings that eventually made it into the Biblical canon. -- How might our understanding of Christianity, and theology, been altered if one of these alternate sources had been included, along with or instead of the stories that were deemed "biblical?"
Address and Service:
Rev. Victoria Ingram from Hamilton

Sunday April 15, 2012 - Restorative Justice Movement
Russ Kelly, of Fergus, in 1974, after a drunken rampage, was charged with many counts of vandalism. It was at this time that his idealistic probation officer, inspired by his Mennonite faith, gave Russ the chance to meet his victims and mend the harm he had caused, instead of facing a more traditional punishment. Together they created a modern approach to restorative justice, a concept that is reshaping the way we think about those who offend and their relationship with their victim and the community.
Addres: Russ Kelly - Service leader: Kate Crozier

Sunday March 11, 2012 - Small Groups & the Occupy Movement

This talk develops Margaret Mead's idea that small groups have been the most effective agents for social change over the past many years. Unitarians have also appreciated small groups for study and action. The Occupy Movement has built on the Arab Spring of 2011 by bringing together thousands of small groups, many of which are informal and ad hoc, based on fellowship and shared vision.
Address: Terisa Turner - Leader: Jim Sannes

Sunday March 4, 2012 - An Atheist's Spiritiual Journey
This was Tom Brown's experience walking the famous pilgrimage route in Northern Spain, the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Tom took a longer route than the usual 900 km distance, starting in 
Biarritz in France and finishing in Muxia, which was part of an older pagan route. Tom felt it was a daily walking meditation for four weeks across Northern Spain and will share some of this with us.
Address: Tom Brown - Leader: Ellen Papenburg

Sunday February 26, 2012 - Why I am a Pagan

The appeal of Paganism as an age-old religion is very strong. Its message is relevant for today and is remarkably consistent with the Unitarian Universalists principles. Mairy will talk about why she is a pagan and what is all involved with this very old religion.

Service: Mairy Beam - Leader: Carolyn Crozier

Sunday February 19, 2012 - Midwinter Retreat Gifts
Arriving for the annual Unitarian Midwinter Retreat in Cedar Glen, Bolton, we faced initially an unusual green landscape, which to our delight, turned into the traditional winterscape overnight
It was a meaningful and fun weekend meeting up with old friends, new friends, following workshops, playing games and enjoying walks through the snow between the buildings and around the grounds  with UUs from all over Ontario.
We have gifts in the form of experiences to share with you, including practising mindful attention to our daily life of spirituality, desires, goals and faith.
Service Jim and Ellen

Sunday February 12, 2012 - Following a Buddhist Path

For well over a decade Carolyn has been reading (and re-reading) works by many leading Buddhist teachers.  Then she sought out classes.  A Buddhist path, as she  learned, was not about ‘believing’ or ‘faith’ in any dogma. Buddha was not a god. A Buddhist Path is about developing deep understandings of life, so that we may transform our suffering into peace, joy and liberation. 

Address: Carolyn Crozier - Service: Janice Ferri

Sunday February 5, 2012 - A Canadian in Gaza
How we can stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza?
Eva Bartlett is a Canadian human rights activist and journalist living in Gaza since 2008.  Her eyewitness accounts from Occupied Palestine have been published in the Electronic Intifada, Inter Press Service, Countercurrents and her own blog http://ingaza.wordpress.com/. 
As a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement, Eva accompanies Gazan farmers and fishers under threat of harassment and sniper fire from Israeli forces.  Eva rode with medics in their ambulances during Cast Lead, Israel's devastating assault on Gaza in 2008-2009 which killed over 1,400 Palestinians

Address: Eva Bartlett - Service: Jim Sannes

Sunday January 29, 2012 - How did we get to the 99% vs 1%?
Information and background of the development that led to the increasing gap between the poor or low income, to 99% and the now 1% insanely rich who are now steering governments and the world. Steve will talk also about the Occupy movement and the effect it has had so far.
Address: Steve Watson - Service: Mairy Beam

Sunday January 22, 2012 - A different view point
Join us for an interesting service with our Musician (and Atheist Unitarian) Don Beals to explore the different aspects of life, the universe and everything.
Address and Service: Don Beals

Sunday, January 15, 2012 - Art and Spirituality
There are things in life that truly move us to experience Spirituality.
Art can have that effect and composer Peter Skoggard from Elora will explore this with us. Please join us for this inspiring service. Visit his website:
Address: Peter Skoggard - Leader: Leigh Brownhill

Sunday, January 8, 2012 - Fire Ceremony and Stone Soup.
Join us for the Fire Communion to remember those issues in our lives we would like to resolve or forget. Dissolve them into flames, sharing them with the universe, to be ready to deal with them in Real Life, or forget them.
Followed by Stone Soup, and Potluck lunch, a communal event.  -
Ceremony: Ellen Papenburg - Lunch by all of us.

Service Dec 18, 2011 - Celebrate the Season with MUSIC!
Celebrate the Season with Music and Christmas carols and many readings.
After this there will be a potluck of snacks, foods and just happy times.
Service and Music: Heather and Don

Service Dec 11, 2011 - Excellence in Young Children's Literature
Children's books with outstanding literary and artistic quality are such wonderful, enduring gifts.  Good children's literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but the adult in the child. In this service Carolyn Crozier will look at several aspects of great children's literature (Canadian and international) and its wonderful value for younger children in particular.  Specific examples will be examined. The congregation will then have an opportunity during this service to suggest further personal favourites for a 'Wonderful Young Children's Literature' list.  

Address: Carolyn Crozier - Service Leader: Janice Ferri

Service Dec 4, 2011 - We can make a Change!
We will hear about several current cases and write letters during this annual Amnesty International service. It is amazing what a letter can accomplish!  Together we can make a difference!
Bring envelopes and paper, we will supply the stamps.
Service by Amnesty International and several members

Service  Nov 27, 2011 - Life in Spirit: Reclaiming Spiritual Discipline
Please join Rev Victoria Ingram, Minister at First Unitarian Church of Hamilton for the service.
Unitarians are known for their love of reason and intellect.  We aren't so well known for our practice of spiritual discipline. What does it mean to be a "practicing" Unitarian?  What kinds of spiritual practices align with our theology and values? This Sunday we explore what it means to identify and practice a spiritual discipline within our faith context.
Service Rev. Victoria Ingram

Service  Nov 20, 2011 - Earth Based Spirituality: a timely practice
Join Linda Reid from the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph in an experiential service illustrating and explaining the power of earth based spirituality to help us live our potential at this time when the planet needs us so deeply.
Address: Linda Reith - Service Leader: Chris Nye

Service Nov 13, 2011 - Remembering
November is a month often associated with Remembrance.
This service will be a reflection upon the importance of the act of remembering.
Address: Kim Muller - Service Leader: A
nna Contini

Service November 6, 2011 - A Case for Peace

Leigh Brownhill presents a case for peace and reflects on the recent escalation of hostilities in Somalia and Kenya. She addresses how UU principles illuminate prospects for building harmonious social and ecological relations in Africa and globally.
Service: Leigh Brownhill and Terisa Turner

Service Oct 30th, 2011 - Halloween, maybe Sad, or Scary, or Fun after all..?

All Souls, Samhain, Day of the Dead were celebrations and commemorations of honouring ancestors and thinking of those who just recently passed on. It evolved in something entirely different. Trick and Treat, Spooks, Ghosts, Dressing up and Candy.

Maybe it is that we are scared of our mortality and want to make light of it? To chase the ghosts away and maybe clean out the cobwebs in our brain and thinking? This Sunday will be a mix of the real, the surreal, the tragic, the fun and the sad like Life. Expect the unexpected as well as the traditional. Feeling uncomfortable already? Exactly...
Come dressed up or as your scary self!
Bring spooky fingerfood!

Service October 23, 2011 - Celebrating UN Sunday!
In celebration of the founding of the UN on October 24th 1945, the UU-UNO invites congregatioons and individual UUs to deepen their understanding of the United Nations by devoting one service in October to re-affirming the connectins between UU principles and vital issues dealt with at the UN.
Address: Jim Sannes

Service Oct 16, 2011 - Spirit of Generosity, stuff Dreams are made of
Imagin there is more available in resources, time, finances ideas and people. What would we do with it? What is our potential?
What do we want, for ourselves, the community and our congregation.
A bit of input, feedback, singing, meditation and think-tanking to start off this month of canvassing.
Join us for this celebration of dreams and generosity.

Service: by some Dreamers

Service Oct 9, 2011 - A Day of Celebration and Gratitude
Thanksgiving is a day for celebration and showing gratitude for life, the universe, earth and everything. Please join us for mindful circle dancing and bring potluck lunch to complete this lovely morning.

Service: Mairy Beam and Ineke Booy

Service Oct 2, 2011 - Democracy in our Daily and also congregational life...
Democracy can be a tall order to follow. It is part of our principles but at times can cause delay and at some cases can be abused, jeopardizing fast action. If people are not involved as much as they wish, the danger of apathy can pop up and in that case democratic process can be "stolen"

Be involved in this service by looking and thinking of different ways democracy can be applied. from no interference after electing a governing body to still having some way of participating. A practical look at democracy.

Service: Jim & Ellen

Service Sept 25, 2011 - Finding the Spirit

Rev Peter Hughes
uses insights drawn from the works of Servetus and Calvin in order to uncover the secret identity of the Holy Spirit and to shed light on the fundamental idea that led to Unitarianism. He will show how this idea connects us to our Calvinist and Christian roots and, at the same time, makes us fundamentally different.
Service: Rev. Peter Hughes

Service Sept 18, 2011 - One Laptop Per Child in Haiti

Adam Holt will present some photos of some of his experiences in Haiti since the earthquake in January 2010. He has taught both teachers and students at various schools, worked on installation of solar panels and helped at an orphanage among other things.

This year his present project involves setting up a model community school where students and their parents help grow their own food, make use of bicycles, learn to use the internet, and begin learning beyond the rote methods common in the country. The school, begun by a friend's father, is still fragile but a very special team is hoping to perform miracles there beginning September 21st. For background, please visit http://www.buildingaschool.org.

BBQ at the Holt's farm between 4-9pm (see egroup for details)

Address: Adam Holt - Service leader: Chris Nye

First service after holidays: Sept 11 with the Annual Pancake Breakfast for ALL (bring your friends and family) and Water ceremony.
Join us for a wonderful Pancake breakfast for ALL and sharing of your holidays!
Bring a small sample of water  from where you had your holiday (far or nearby, every holiday is special) to share for the water ceremony or bring it from anywhere you like which could also be your kitchen, garden or local special place!
The celebration will mark the beginning of our season 2011-2012 in a very meaningful and enjoyable way. Start of ceremony 10:00 a.m.

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