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Come and join us exploring our diversity on our varied Sunday Services at 10:00 am Victoria Park Centre, 150 Albert St W, Fergus, Ontario.

Most recent and future services listed at the top.

Next Sept 2014 = Pancake breakfast and water ceremony

Sunday June 2, 2013 - Our Annual Flower Ceremony and Potluck Picnic will be held at Mapleton's Organic Dairy (Martin & Ineke's garden) - 8548 Wellington Road 7,Moorefield gps: 43°49'25.5"N 80°44'12.1"W

This celebration will mark the end of our season in a very meaningful and colourful way. 
Gathering at 10:00 a.m. - start of ceremony 10:30 - Bring flowers from your garden or anywhere else that is important for you!
We will give them to the communal vase and then later take a different flower home. >>>>>>> Bring your own plates, cutlery and cups! AND CHAIRS!!!!

Sunday May 25: Don't be Afraid of Some Change - Flying on the Breeze of Times yet to come,  the future of our group!

Enter Rejoice and Come in, Enter rejoice and come in, Today will be a Joyful Day! Enter rejoice and Come in. Don't be afraid of some change, Don't be afraid of some change, Today will be a joyful place, Enter, Rejoice and come in! "

Please join us to explore the different ways of being an active Unitarian group and give your input on the many options and possibilities to depict and outline our future activities to feed you a spark of inspiration to explore the future and give feedback.


Sunday May 11: A Unitarian Journey in Africa

On her travels in Africa Leigh visited a Unitarian orphanage and other groups of the Unitarian faith, a movement getting stronger every year against all odds. Not only in the cities but also in smaller towns.

Service: Leigh Brownhill

Sunday May 4: Celebrating 20 years - Past & Future

Our 20th anniversary - celebrating as we look back and contemplating as we look forward.

Service: Toni Ellis - one of our founders

Sunday April 27: Performing on Gramma's Piano

This is the last of four part series that asks what it would be like to invite a more intentional concept of God to church.  What would it be like to be able to use the kind of tools people have been using, in one way or another, since the dawn of our civilization--tools to help us build the kind of place we want to be.   Sort of a "God Depot" experience--not so much of a how-to or a DIY service; more like a 'what would my dream home be like' kind of thing

We hope to have Kara at the keyboards - not confirmed yet, but we hope to see you all there.  Bring your plans!

Service: Dwight Pile and Friends

Sunday April 20: Gratitude

Despite set backs, illnesses, conflicts and other negative experiences, there is a lot to be grateful for. To focus on gratitude, helps us to cope with mishaps in life and to enjoy even in the midst of grief, loss and sadness.
Homework: bring your poems, stories and readings of gratitude, personal or wisdom found to share with all.

Address: Chris Nye - Service leader Ellen Papenburg

Sunday April 13: "Fly Me to the Moon"

In the sermon, in addition to riffing on lounge songs, Peter will take off on the words "in other words" (from "Fly Me to the Moon") in order to investigate what a Biblical text, Psalm 46, actually means to us as religious liberals and discuss what it is to fall in love with the universe (and to be flown to the moon). Rev. Peter Hughes from Toronto - Service leader Terisa Turner

Sunday April 6: "Experiencing Spiritual Literacy"

The art of spiritual literacy is to experience the sacred in everyday life.
This can be achieved by an uplifting discussion, solving a problem, acceptance of not being able to do so, meditation, walk through nature, or the city and see the children play, a cat happy in the sun, a dog running and catching or enjoying the warm brilliant suds while washing dishes. The use of our senses to enjoy music, sounds, colours, light, savouring tasty food, smelling flowers, fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun, the refreshing cold of snow, smooth clothing, touch.
The rush of action, social action or a random act of kindness. Terisa and Ellen will only lift part of this veil to intoduce you into a daily level of spiritually by participation and discussion to learn to use the senses, thoughts and exchange

Sunday March 30: "Practicing on Gramma's Piano" Dwight Pile

Yes, just when you thought the metaphor madness would end, Part III surfaces like a bewildered dolphin. This, the 3rd of a 4 part series on inviting the divine into Unitarian Universalist church life, will look at what it would be like to have a spiritual practice at church. Throughout this series, I've been using the metaphor of Gramma's piano to look at what we can take from the spiritual and religious practices of our UU heritage to help us move forward in our spiritual journey.  That is why we go to church, right?
Irreverently offered by Dwight Pile, with fabulous musical guest and returning heroine of the keyboard--fresh from her adventures in Disneyworld--Kara Shaw.

Sunday March 23: "Right Relationship" - Linda Reith

We will use the Hawaiian tradition of Ho’oponopono to radically transform conflicted relationship and move into a gentler connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Sunday March 16: "Bees and Us"
In 2013, we heard more about bee death than we ever had before. That's because bee deaths were happening on a massive scale. More than 37 million honeybees died in Elmwood, Ontario last year. 50,000 bumblebees died in Oregon, and another 50,000 bees died in Minnesota. Suddenly, we are made aware of how delicate our world really is and how interconnected we really are. We think of bees as being separate and different from ourselves. However, we are more similar than we think.
Bee Mama Maude Stephany has been caring for mason bees for more than seven years. During that time, she has been witness to their life cycles, and has come to understand how her life choices impact on the bees, and other creatures. That's why she has decided to share her knowledge and passion for pollinators, to ensure that there will always be a place for them in our world. Her ebook, The Bee Mama's Guide to Attracting and Caring for Mason Bees is available on Amazon. Her second ebook, The Bee Mama's No-Stress Guide to Creating Pollinator Habitat will soon be available for purchase.

Sunday March 9: "To Age Successfully"

"To empower older adults to be active, to be involved and to age successfully." is the mission of the GWSA: Guelph Wellington Seniors Association. Ross Coulter, past president and active board member will talk about what the GWSA does and how this is done. He will highlight some of the activities available to their members. The most
important focus is on Community Support Services helping challenged seniors to remain in their homes longer through several different programs.

Sunday March 2nd: Can We Talk?
Alisa McClurg from Grand River Unitarian  & Jean Robertson will be facilitating a conversation with the congregation on how to bring about generative change in the world. Jean Robertson describes herself as a context artist busking for world change, through nudging and nurturing what she calls “the emerging empathic culture". Alisa is a committed
environmental planner and passionate community activist who has been travelling the circuit amongst Unitarian churches including ours, giving talks on environmental resiliency. They experience that a way to bring about generative change is by providing people with an opportunity to deeply and thoughtfully converse with each other, and they are excited by what possibilities may be opened up this Sunday.

Sunday Feb 23: Rebuilding Gramma's Piano

This is the second of a four part look at what the idea of God means to us as individuals and as a church. Having 'Dusted Off Gramma's Piano' in the first part, this Sunday will be a little less metaphoric as we look at ways we interact with and imagine the divinity that we experience in our lives.
Bring your beliefs, your stories...and maybe a friend.

Service Dwight Pile

Sunday Feb 16: Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit, or a Mid Winter Retreat CHOCOLATE COMMUNION chasing away the Winter Blues.

Join us for a mindful session of nourishing your body, mind and spirit through the First Annual Chocolate Communion in the tradition of the UU Mid Winter Retreat and through song & meditation to find your centre of peace, healing, belonging and wonderful restoration in your own created Haven which you can recall any time, anywhere. Ellen Papenburg

Sunday Feb 9:
Why good people are divided on important issues
In this time of increasing polarisation of politics, values, morals, society with the increasing gap of haves and have nots, can something be done to make a connection to bring it all together again? Can we talk? Explore possibilities with Janice Ferri this upcoming Sunday.

Sunday February 2nd: Grandmothers of the Grand

The Grandmothers of the Grand in Centre Wellington are involved with the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign supporting African grandmothers in their fight against the AIDS pandemic. They raise funds to meet the immediate needs of African grandmothers and the children they look after, and build solidarity among and between African and Canadian Grandmothers.
Address: Elly Tuitman -  Service Leader: Chris Nye

Sunday January 26: Dusting off Gramma's God

I've been thinking that for some of us, God is like Gramma's old  piano--the one we sorta somehow inherited and that's been collecting dust in the rec room for as long as we can remember.  We might not play it, we might even try to ignore it, but, like the proverbial elephant, it is too big of a thing in the room not to trip over now and then.  Maybe you never cared much for the kind of music Gramma used to play.  Maybe you hated piano lessons when you were a kid. Maybe you didn't like the teacher.  But maybe you can teach an old piano to play a new song. No wooden rulers will be used during this Service.  And bring your own Swiffer. And maybe a friend.
Service: Dwight Pile -  Guest Piano player: Kara Shaw

This marks the first of five services held by Dwight at the last Sunday of the Month.

Sunday January 19: Soulful Eating

Aware of our interdependence, we acknowledge that eating requires us to be mindful of the miracle of life we share. With gratitude for the food we have received, we strive to choose foods that minimize harm and are protective of the environment, consumers, farmers, and all those involved in food production and distribution. Jim Sannes

Sunday Jan. 12: Fire Communion & Stone Soup

Join us for the Fire Communion to remember those issues in our lives we would like to resolve, forget or accept. Dissolve them into flames, sharing them with the universe, to be ready to deal with them in Real Life. -- Followed by Stone Soup and Potluck lunch, a communal event. EllenPapenburg and you

Sunday Dec 15: Music in Winter-tyme with Don Beals

Joyful singing, lovely music in these mindful days of solstice, Christmas, Hannukah and many other midwinter traditions. Appreciating the time of darkness and light, cold and warmth, sitting by the virtual fire and enjoying the snow. Join us for this last service of 2013. We gather again on Jan 12 2014 with the Fire Ceremony!

Sunday Dec 8: Why Not Just Enjoy Christmas?
Some of us start the holiday season off by putting a heart helmet on. Some can't wait for December 1 so that they can start playing Christmas music without being laughed at. And some just zone out. 
Wherever you are, come home for the holidays by coming to church to start the season off right. Or left. We can't promise sugar plums will dance in your head, but together we might get rid of some of that coal dust in our stockings.

Service Jill Davey & Dwight Pile.

Sunday Dec 1: It is your Life it is your choice
Do you have a choice? If so, how would you choose to die? As the Baby Boomer generation now enters into the last stages of living, the question becomes more pressing for a wide swath of people. As we struggle for answers in a pluralistic society, Dying with Dignity Canada seeks to help us find the best way to manage, for one's self, the most daunting issue one will face in life.
Norm Robertson of Dying with Dignity with Leigh Brownhill

Sunday Nov 24: Write for Rights - join World Wide event Join us again at our church for this great annual event. We will have a service and after we will write letters. We have 7 new priority global cases that need international attention right now, and massive letter-writing, tweeting, emailing and campaigning from our worldwide membership on International Human Rights Day can make a difference on these cases. Pledge to write Last year, we sent over 1.8 million messages asking governments to respect the rights of people and communities at risk, and this effort led to a real impact on individual lives. Help us reach two million!

Sunday Nov 17: A Higher Power
Some believe this Higher Power to be God. Some do not believe in God. Please join us this Sunday as we touch on exploring the Higher Power. - Service: Rev Darlene DeStefano

Sunday Nov 10: Peace in our Time of Life
More than once we have been promised peace in our lifetime. Maybe peace in our time of life is the only promise that can be kept. Today we'll take time in rememberance of what many consider the ultimate gateway to world peace. Service: Dwight Pile

Sunday Nov 3: Exploring Spirituality.

Each of us experience spirituality differently or not at all. Janice Ferri takes us on a discovery tour exploring Ahmsta Kebzeh an oral religious tradition from the Caucasus brought to Canada by elder
Murat Yagan - Service: Janice Ferri / Brad 
- http://www.kebzeh.org/

Sunday Oct 27: Rev Fiona Heath: Into the Dark
As the nights grow ever longer, we pause and take time to grieve and honour the losses we have experienced this year. 
Please bring a photo of the special person you would like to remember.

Sunday Oct 20, 2013: Sex, Love, and Violence; sexual orientatie and Gender Identity in a Globalized but not necessarily civilized World - UU UN Sunday

Imagine what it would be to live elsewhere when you cannot be yourself and every day have to fear for your well being and even life? What is the UU UN office involvement to change things and what can WE do?

UU-UNO: Our Search for Peace from UUA International on Vimeo.

Sunday Oct 13, 2013: Empowerment Matters "Giving Thanks"
We always have much to be thankful for. Let us reflect on our blessings.

Rev. Dr. Darlene DeStefano, Specializing in Pastoral Counseling Psychology, Facilitator for Healing, and inspiring motivational speaker, will be speaking about how Empowerment Matters.

Sunday Oct 6, 2013: Kenya's New UU religion

Bruce Schwartzentruber from Toronto speaks about his travels to Kenya meeting up with the Unitarians there who are established about six years ago.

Sept 29, 2013: Rev Fiona Heath: "To Live Well"

In this harvest time of abundance and generousity, we will explore the idea of living well.

What is the art of living well?

Sept 22, 2013: Do YOU CARE about the Climate?

If so, what can WE do? The CUSJ (Canadian Unitarian for Social Justice have renewed their involvement with Climatefast 2013!
Let's work to raise general public awareness of the consequences of climate change and the urgent action required to stop the escalation. Action: Take 12 days to practice lightening your footprint. Go to ClimateFast for ideas and Take the pledge to do some fasting between September 21st and October 2nd 2013.
CUSJ Regional Coordinator Jim Sannes.

Sept 15, 2013 - Pancake Breakfast & Water Ceremony
This celebration will mark the beginning of our season in a festive, tasty and meaningful way.Bring a small sample of water (can be symbolic) from any special place you have been this summer that has been a profound / or pure fun experience to you. Distances do not matter, it could be your own home, garden, city, town.... what does matter is that it is special to YOU.
We hope you briefly would share your memories with us or just pour the water in silence into the bowl. Celebrate and remember those times of serenity, fun, nature, company, adventure, peace, simplicity, complication, meeting people and animals, magical moments of travelling or just staying happily at home... and appreciate touching the strands of our interdependent web of all existence. Service: Ellen Papenburg

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