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Come and join us on our varied Bi-weekly Sunday Meetings at 10:00 am Victoria Park Centre, 150 Albert St W, Fergus, Ontario.

Most recent and future services listed at the top.

We are now closed for the summer till September and then we will see how our schedule develops.

Our Monthly Sunday Events have a new schedule with combined activities: Meditation, Drumming, main presentation or panel with Discussion starting at 9:30 and ending at around noon with Free lunch (soup & bread)
Wander in Any Time from 9:30 before the main event at 11:00 a.m. in the Victoria Park Centre, 150 Albert St W, Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

Sunday April 5, 2015 - Panel Discussion: Innocence and Anger: Is a Peaceful Coexistence Possible?

9:30 Orientation to the Meditation and Drumming
10:00 am Silent Meditation
10:30 Drumming group - PARTAKE!
11:00 Panel Discussion
12:00 noon Free Lunch (Soup & Bread)

December 21: Incarnation, Intuition & Perception with Marion Samuel-Stevens, soprano and Lauren Baldwin, piano. Soprano Marion Samuel-Stevens is an engaging, direct performer and actress. "beautiful and rich with eveness and colour throughout".
Lauren Baldwin is a pianist having studied at the Glenn Gould School of Music in Toronto.

December 7: Light & Dark: Winter and Hope; Isolation & Inspiration; How alone are we? Peter Skoggard

Reading from T.S. Eliot's Journey of the Magi and reference to St. Augustine's remark "Although the higher is better than the higher things alone." To which I respond "What is higher? What is lower?"

November 23: Silence, Communication, community, communion:

Drumming Circle - bring your drums, pots and cardboard boxes and there will be some drums available.

We are so used to communicating with words. Drumming is away we can express ourselves in community, with and without silence. We will also try silent energy communication. All this demonstrates the wonder of who we really are!!

November 9: War, Art, and Activism:
The experience of war and the crisis in Gaza in particular. We look at Arab and Israeli women who have suffered war and conflict and who have used poetry as a way to express and to try to reconcile their experiences and a Canadian who tries to make a difference. I am hoping to have Eva Bartlet as a speaker, and Stacie Dunlop, soprano, Cheryl Duvall, piano, and Tilly Kooyman, clarinet as performers.
Eva Bartlett is an activist and journalist living between Gaza and Canada since 2008 travelling with Palestinians and documenting events first hand.
Stacie Dunlop is a soprano who is an avid freelance performer of contemporary music and highly involved in the creation of new music. www.staciedunlop.com
Tilly Kooyman, clarinet, is an active solo, chamber and orchestral musician with a special interest in contemporary music.
Cheryl Duvall is a multi-faceted musician and pianist. She is active as a soloist, collaborative pianist, teacher and adjudicator.

October 26 we will look at The Need for Poetry with Jerry Prager and Morvern MacNie. When and why are we compelled to write poetry? When and why do we seek out poetical works? Who is this voice of the bard, and do we harbour one inside of each of us? Jerry and Morvern are poets of long standing, and have recently moved to Centre Wellington.

Sunday Oct 12, 2014 - Peter Skoggard: Dancegiving and Flocking with Arun Pal on drums and piano

Flocking is a community movement technique whereby creative guidance is passed from one person to another, being a perfect metaphor for community and leadership.
Arun Pal is an accomplished singer-songwriter (4 full band-solo albums), with a music video and has contributed to over 40 albums of almost every musical style. He recently performed in the Elora Festival with the trio Latin Fusion


Sunday Sept 28, 2014 - Event by Peter Skoggard
Life Strategies & The Enneagram

Why does it seem that we are sometimes talking apples and oranges to each other? Why are some people so incomprehensible to us? 

The Enneagram is an ancient Sufi concept that can answer this, providing a helpful tool in understanding ourselves and others. The starting point is this: life is overwhelming, so we each develop a strategy. ..but that strategy never quite works. This dynamic is a key to grasping human diversity and vulnerability, allowing us to look on ourselves and each other with more compassion.

Sunday Sept 14, 2014 - Event by Peter Skoggard

Exploring Koans

"Right off the bat, life presents the human being with almost insurmountable mental, emotional, and spiritual dilemmas.

In Zen Buddhism there is the tradition of the koan, a puzzle to exercise, challenge and focus the meditating mind but ultimately to demonstrate the thinking mind's inability to comprehend life. However, in some ways all life is a koan.
This day we will explore koans, both intensely personal and fundamentally universal, and discuss or quietly contemplate how we deal with such things."

Join us with music, interaction and participation

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