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Our Heritage

The Unitarians
Unitarians date back to the 16th century when the term was first used to designate people who did not accept the dogma of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost).  In 1553 Michael Servetus, a Spanish physician, was burned at the stake by John Calvin because he had written a book questioning belief in the Trinity.  In 1568 King Sigismund of Transylvania influenced by his young Unitarian Court preacher, Francis David, issued Europe's first edict for religious freedom.

The Universalists
Universalism springs from the belief that all beings are worthy of salvation.  Universalists questioned belief in a vengeful God which did not square with their own feelings of God as love and as a lure to the good.  They also found little sense in theologies of pre-destination or the depravity of human beings.  Like the Unitarians, they didn't believe in blind acceptance of dogmas or creeds that did nothing to help people live better lives.

Our History in Canada
Unitarian preachers first came to Canada from the British Isles in the 1830's and '40s establishing congregations in Montreal and Halifax.  They were followed by Universalists from the US who spread their faith to the Eastern Townships, southwestern Ontario and the Maritimes. In the 1880's Unitarians from Iceland brought their religion with them when they emigrated to Manitoba.  Today there are Unitarian congregations in every province of Canada.

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